Our service specializes in concrete countertops and unique custom build furniture for kitchens, bathrooms and interior accents for your business.

Examples of our builds are; steppingstones, kitchen islands, continuous furniture, organic shapes, original textures, bar furnitures and wall panels.

For projects where the concrete finish is desired, but possibilities are limited due to for example : a height or weight restrictions of a floor, or you simply want to extend the concrete style throughout the entire interior, take a look at our ideal solution for floors, walls and furniture pieces: microcements


A liquid rock that adapts to all shapes and forms

beton en hout combinatie in keuken

Concrete works are custom builds. The formwork is assembled on site and then concrete is poured into a uniform, seamless whole. The design can be well adjusted to the space and notches for sinks, cookers or other obstructions such as a post are no problem. Multiple colors can be obtained by adding pigments. We have some color samples that can be displayed while visiting.

Concrete is strong.  During the finishing proces we provide a layer of quartz, which makes the top layer durable. The concrete is then smoothed and polished in a traditional way. It is a very strong product, but as with natural stone, acids and chlorine should be avoided. Regular maintenance is key to longevity and best done with natural products with low PHL.

For our countertops we mostly work with the system of the lost formwork, because of this weight is reduced and most cabinets have no problem handling it. Regular systems such as Ikea for example or old kitchen cabinets are suited to work on.

Concrete is at home in many interiors. Roughly executed it brings out a great industrial look, in combination with wood or other natural materials a more warm artisanal style. It is also perfectly compatible with a rural – minimal – modern style.